About Us


Promo-Solved - THE Express Service for promotional items. Promotional goods raise brand awareness and corporate identity or offer staff and clients low-cost motivators.

Get in front of your target customers with everyday products such as a personalised mug, USB stick, umbrella or promotional pens. We’ve sourced the very best UK-made merchandise and our superfast distribution ensures fulfilment when you want it.

We specialise in printed products for corporate events / exhibition giveaways and offer fulfilment services with a fast turnaround. Our competitive prices make us a one-stop-shop.

Not quite ready for distribution? Not a problem! In some cases, we’re able to offer storage- for free! Not sure which product is right for your next campaign? Twenty years of experience will help with that. We have online proactive ideas lists or you can give us a call, and our team will make suggestions from our conversation and research the most suitable product for any event. Take a dip into our comprehensive website today, and if you don’t see what you want, we’ll do our level best to source it for you.

Promo-Solved- For a full-colour range of business gifts.



To help you get to know us and how we operate, I would like to share the core values and principles our staff are trained in or naturally possess.

Honesty - We always tell the truth and never mislead our customers.

  • Prices - The price on the quote will be what is invoiced. There are no hidden costs (Subject to no changes after the project is placed in production)
  • Origin of a product  - Where possible, we make it clear where an item has been sourced from and the carbon footprint involved.
  • Eco credentials - Whether the merchandise it is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or UK made!
  • Delivery dates - A clear date will be emailed once the order is approved by you and tracking provided when th items are dispatched.
  • Quality of Work - Our company values positive feedback over profits and should you provide photo reviews, and we award extra discounts. We ensure branded merchandise is printed in the highest of standards.

Loyalty / Sincerity - As a distributor, most of our suppliers have worked with us since we began in 2010 : This means we are more able to:

  • Negotiate better prices
  • Schedule shorter lead times
  • Send special offers
  • Make you the first to know about new products

Our clients also receive loyalty discounts based on spend, referrals or feedback left on

Communication / Empathetic Listeners – We never hide should issues arise and are always available to discuss any issues as we believe this builds trust.

How quickly do we get back to you?

Our friendly staff are trained to answer calls within a few rings and have lots of experience in providing printed merchandise - Feel free to ask any related question and I’m sure we’ll help!

  • Quotes are within 2 hours if a standard product or usually same day if not
  • Samples are sent within 2-3 days max
  • Catalogues are posted on the same day of an enquiry
  • Artwork proofing is usually 3-4 days after order acknowledgement
  • Support is available almost 24/7 -though we do like to finish at 6pm!